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How to invest in Poland ?

Poland, as an emerging market is still tle land of opportunities, but as everywhere else in the world if we intent to conduct our business activity here, we have to know rules binding all the participants of the market. If u want to invest in Poland, u should know few rules about investing as foreginer.

how to invest in poland

How to invest in poland ? – Most important issues.

Among them, one of the basic thing to know are all the kinds of work permits required to obtain in order to employ people who are not Polish citizens. The specyfic variant of the permit always refers to an employer situation:

  1. Type A – when the employer has a seat on the Republic of Poland territory and the foreigner will be hired on the employment contract or civil law contract,
  2. Type B – when the foreigner is going to perform a function of board member in the company with a seat on the territory of Republic of Poland for more than 6 months in the period of 12 subsequent months,
  3. Type C – when the foreigner is delegated to the territory of Republic of Poland and is going to work for an employers with the residence outside Poland for more than 30 days in a calendar year and the work is performer fot the branch or plant belonging to a foreign employer,
  4. Type D – when the foreigner is sent by an employer whitout a seat on the territory of Republic of Poland
  5. Type E – when all the rest of the cases, which are not regulated by the provisions according to types A – D, described above.

How to invest in Poland – Summary

Now knowing all of this one can preliminarily assess the situation of his enterprise due to the binding employment provisons in Poland. As you can see, it’s not that difficult to invest in Poland.

In further notes we will be writing about more detailed issues, that have to be fulfill in order to organise business in Poland.


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