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Poland Company Formation 

Poland Company Formation. Establishing a company, or its registration, is a time-consuming and demanding process of completing many formalities. Our Law Firm offers a comprehensive service for setting up companies (also by foreigners), including consultancy in the selection of the right form of running a business and its registration. For entities already running a business, the Law Office offers constant, ongoing legal service.

zakładanie i rejestracja spółek

Company formation service includes:

  • advice in choosing the right legal form of business activity;
    • preparation of an individual agreement of the company tailored to the client’s needs;
    • preparation of other founding documents (resolutions of partners or company’s governing bodies, statements of members of the company’s governing bodies);
    • arranging a meeting with a notary public in any city in Poland – in the case of traditional registration;
    • preparation of registration documents to the registry court and the tax office
    • submitting documents to the court;
    • ongoing legal advice in the field related to the established commercial company (liability/ limitations of the liability of shareholders and members of the company’s bodies, tax optimization, etc.).

Depending on the client’s needs, we offer the service of setting up companies in a traditional or simplified manner in the so-called S24 mode.

Variant – simplified mode s24

What is the founding of the company in the s24 mode?

The registration of companies (including the registration of the limited liability company) using the contract template (S24) is possible through the portal located on the website of the Ministry of Justice https://ekrs.ms.gov.pl/. Applications submitted in the S24 mode are reviewed by the competent department of the National Court Register within a few working days (the court has 24 working hours to process the application and register the company).

Our team comprehensively registers the company s24 from submitting the application through the web portal to submitting the appropriate forms at the tax office.


  • the court recognizes the application and registers the company within 24 hours – this is important for entrepreneurs who want to open the company quickly;
    • no need to visit a notary public – the articles of association and other documents are signed using an electronic signature or a trusted ePUAP profile;
    • lower costs of establishing a company;
    • no waiting for a court order to be entered into the National Court Register, which may take up to several weeks.


  • limited possibility to change the company’s model agreement and adapt it to a specific business profile;
    • the requirement of a secure electronic signature;
    • the requirement for all partners to be present at the same time at the same place;
    • the functioning of the registration system is still complicated and the whole process is not very intuitive.

 Variant – traditional mode

Establishing a company in the traditional mode is recommended to entrepreneurs who need to individually adjust the company’s agreement to the business profile and to regulate in detail the provisions of the company’s articles of association.

How does the process of establishing a company in the traditional form looks like?

Step 1

Advice on the selection of the appropriate form of conducting business and determination of all necessary assumptions for the preparation of the articles of association


Step 2

Drawing up a company agreement based on individual arrangements with the client

Step 3

Making an appointment with a notary and legal assistance during signing the company’s agreement in the form of a notarial deed

Step 3

Preparation of registration documentation (resolutions of partners, company’s bodies, declaration of members of company’s bodies, applications to the National Court Register)

Step 4

Filing the company to the National Court Register

Step 5

Giving the company NIP, REGON, VAT, VAT EU

Step 6

Payment of PCC tax

Step 7

The court’s decision on registering the company into the National Court Register


Stawicka Zych Office Remuneration:

  • general partnership – from 500 EUR;
    • professional partnership – from 500 EUR;
    • limited liability company
    – company registration via the Internet in a simplified way (S24) – from 300 EUR;
    – company registration in the traditional mode – from 500 EUR
    • joint-stock company – from 1500 EUR;
  • a branch of a foreign entrepreneur in Poland – from 500 EUR;
    • additional work commissioned by the client – from 100 EUR for hour.

All given prices are net prices.


The offer for entities carrying out or planning to perform the following transactions:

  • transformation of commercial law companies;
    • transformation of a sole proprietorship into a limited liability company or another commercial law company;
    • transactions of sale/acquisition of an enterprise or its organized part;
    • ongoing, comprehensive legal service at every stage of activity;
    • liquidation of the company;
    • business restructuring.

Each client can count on an individual approach and advice when setting up a business, as well as assistance with the resulting registration obligations. We also help to choose solutions that will contribute to the optimization of costs related to running a business.



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